Marriott 萬豪華東區商務理事會吹響 2018 Run to Give 號角

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2018年“Run to Give”Marriott 萬豪大中華區商委會攜手微笑行動,呼籲關注與幫助貧困唇齶裂患兒。萬豪旗下大中華區酒店“為愛奔跑,跑出微笑”慈善跑將於9月16日展開,為更多患兒創造義診機會,讓更多孩子綻放微笑,迎接希望。

Marriott Greater China Business Council together with Operation Smile will lunch 2018 Run to Give on Sep.16th, which will raise fund for NSCLP children to help them embrace smile and hope.

萬豪國際集團組織意義非凡的“Run to Give”慈善跑,號召萬豪員工與客人加入奔跑行列,以實際行動為當地的慈善機構提供支持。 “Run to Give慈善跑”亦是萬豪國際集團“TakeCare”關懷計劃在亞太區組織的重要活動,旨在幫助員工提升身體、情緒與精神層面的健康狀態。

Supporting the local charity institution with action, Marriott International calls on the associates and our guests to join the meaningful Run to Give activity. In the meantime, Run to Give is an important part of “TakeCare” Program in Asia Pacific, that elevates the physical wellbeing, emotional wellbeing and spiritual wellbeing for our associates.

Operation Smile微笑行動是一個以醫療和非醫療志願者參與的、致力於為全球貧困偏遠地區患有面部畸形的貧困患兒提供安全、高質量的免費手術和相關治療的非營利性公益機構。微笑行動成立於1982年,全球總部位於美國弗吉尼亞。 30多年來在全球已經為超過22萬名患者提供了免費手術,並為更多患者提供了全面的醫療評估。自1991年進入中國開展義診活動,已有近27年的公益項目執行經驗。

Operation Smile is a non-profit public service organization with medical and non-medical volunteers who are committed to providing safe, high quality free surgery and related treatment to poor children with NSCLP in poor and remote areas of the world. Operation Smile was founded in 1982, the global headquarters is located in Virginia, USA. For over 30 years, more than 220,000 patients have been offered free surgery worldwide, and more patients have been provided with a comprehensive medical assessment. Operation Smile entered China in 1991, accumulated more than 27 years experience in public welfare project implementation.

今年由萬豪華東區商務理事會江蘇分會(蘇州地區)籌辦的“Run To Give 慈善助跑”將在蘇州的金雞湖畔舉行。蘇州,這個集古典韻味與現代都市風情於一體的城市;金雞湖,作為中國第二大內陸湖,同時有著國家5A級旅遊景區的美譽。運動強健體魄、慈善耕耘心靈沃土、飽覽金雞湖美景,本次“Run To Give 慈善助跑”可謂亮點滿滿。

This year, “Run to Give” organised by Marriott East China Jiangsu Sub-Council(Suzhou Market), will lunch by the side of Suzhou’s Jinji Lake. Suzhou is a city combining classical charm with modern urban style in one. Jinji Lake is China’s second largest inland lake, at the same time has a national 5 A-class tourist attraction reputation. This time “2018 Run to Give” is full of highlights; as you know sports secures our health, charity cultivates our warm hearts, the charming Jinji Lake scenery offers us great enjoyment.


September 16th Agenda

Arrival & Registration簽到


Group Photo集體照

Warm-up Exercises熱身

3 km Happy Running三公里為愛起跑

Award Male and Female Top 3 Winners 男女子組前三名頒獎儀式

Charity Bazaar慈善義賣

Charity Fund Donation善款捐贈

Lucky Draw for Participants抽獎


活動開始時間Time:上午8點 8 AM

活動地點Venue:蘇州中心商場南區三樓花園,蘇州W酒店四樓露台花園及蘇州金雞湖湖濱步道Suzhou Center Mall 3F Terrace, W Suzhou OutOn 4 Terrace and Jinji Lakeside Trail

著裝要求Dress Code: 上身著定制T卹,下身建議運動裝RTG designed T-shirt, sport pants and shoes

This year we inventively add an bazzar activity after 3km running. We advocate all of the participants to donate idle items into the bazzar. The fund raised by the charity bazzar will be donated to charity institution on site.


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